Clear water,                 Muddy water, is like
is like the love                  the worlds religions,
of God, which was               which are proven   
proven on the Cross...                to be foolish.
It’s time to put the Bounce back in people’s steps 
About the Author
Scott Snider is a small town guy, who has a story to tell which may unravel you completely. Quite by accident, he found himself knee deep in what he calls ‘religious stuff’, but in actuality, his journey provides invaluable insight for literally hundreds of millions of people who have been taking what they were taught for granted. He is a people person and would rather speak, than write.  However, given the vast diversity of his audience, he decided to write "It’s Time" as a starting point or precursor to his speaking engagements. You may reach Mr.Snider through our contacts page.

“It’s Time – A restoration Project”, is the first of several projects aimed at restoring the original version of Christianity. “It’s Time​n - Powered Up!” is now being written, with The Eliyahu Challenge and The Storehouse Outlet programs underway.

“Come, walk with us a mile, stay awhile, and together we’ll miss the great denial!”

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