The Eliyahu Challenge
Eliyahu means “My God is Yahweh” and is Hebrew for Elijah, who is well known for his challenge on Mount Carmel almost 3000 years ago. This one man challenged 450 prophets of Baal, and another 400 prophets of Asherah to a showdown - so the people would have the courage to turn their heart 'away from' the god of this world,
and 'to' the real God.
The same confusion exists today, and with so much religious intimidation in the world there needs to be another showdown to help people understand, see clearly,

and gain their wholehearted freedom from it all.
“It’s Time” was written to help create this modern-day showdown. By reading it carefully, you are making a statement that you do not support hurtful oppressive religions. If you feel that the book is a worthy read, display the “I Took The Eliyahu Challenge” sticker somewhere, and become part of the celebration!

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