Interpretations for the Parables

The parable ‘Owner Tenants and Houses’ on page 47, is about the much debated ‘born again’ experience people have.  I believe this experience is real and essential, yet doesn’t come with our careful observation.  It is our choice to “walk towards the stranger at our door”, but the timing of this wonderful life changing event is ultimately not in our control.  I believe we all go through a process which leads up to it... that it’s a process of learning the value of certain character attributes such as mercy, grace, faithfulness, and compassion, and thus desiring them very deeply in our heart.  When the ‘Owner of the houses’ sees that we are ready, he gives us to His Son - because we have been found to be listening and learning of Him. John 6 KJV  Thus, we become reconciled to Him.  You cannot be reconciled to someone you have never known, so you did know the Owner at one time, which leads to the next parable... 

The parable of ‘The Farmer’ requires you to step back and take a super ‘macro’ view of everything we call life.  It suggests that we are all ‘here in this life’ because our faith, trust or confidence in our Father was shaken or ‘infected’ by some presence of rebellion at the original farm site.  This parable suggests the rejected guardian cherub stirred up some trouble in the family, and this is why Yeshua (Jesus) said, “I saw you fall like lightning”. Luke 10:18 KJV


The parable ‘The Light and the Blanket’ speaks of the earth being filled with the knowledge and glory of the Lord, according to what is written in Habakkuk chapter 2, which I quoted on page 116-117.  The ‘light up on a pole’ refers to this knowledge being widespread throughout entire communities and nations - something that is sure to be met with strong opposition, yet celebrated by millions upon millions of people.

The parable ‘The Fishers of Men’ uses an image of a ‘giant bucket down there’ to describe the spiritual principality of Babylon down here.  The crabs in the bucket are the spirit energies of that deceptive man whom she surrounds.  This parable suggests that the key to getting people “out of her” as it says in Revelation, is to provide a healthy safe environment, that focuses on the utter simplicity of the Gospel, and gives people a ‘system‘ to participate in.  It suggests that many of the churches that were once home to the religious forms of Christianity will be used as part of this system.